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Baby names. A topic that is quite compelling because whenever anyone is ready to have a baby, the one thing people are looking forward to learning other than the sex is the name. They want to know what the parents have named their babies. And that is because so many times nowadays, parents are choosing very unusual names. Not always, as there are plenty of parents that want to name their kids anything that is in the top 10. The only problem with that is that these kids will one of the 5 or 6 classmates with the same name. Just like how I remember having 5 or 6 girls in my classes named Jennifer. They had to be identified by their last initial or entire last name if the initials were the same.

More so than not, parents prefer to use unique names for their babies. It is one thing for parents to name their babies something unique that sounds pleasant. However, many parents are naming their babies off-the-wall crazy names that should really put them in court. And you have already heard about some of the crazy celebrity names and the latest one was Amy Schumer’s son who she and Chris Fischer had named, Gene Attell. Those names independently are normal names. But those together? If you say it quickly together, then you will see why that was a terrible choice. And how about Kim Kardashian that just had her last baby via a surrogate and named her baby Pslam? This podcast was recorded before Psalm was born so obviously that name was not part of it but it would have been a great addition!

And if you think that Gwenyth Paltrow was crazy for naming her daughter Apple, that name really isn’t so bad compared to other names that have been used by not just celebrities but by ordinary people. You will be absolutely stunned, shocked, and perhaps even repulsed when you hear the names that are listed in the first Expressive Mom podcast, as it has been resurrected after being on hiatus for a while. And it feels good to finally start getting my life in order. I missed doing this podcast and I am doing it with more spice this time.

I am glad to have been able to get back into doing the podcast as it will be about anything that is really off-the-wall and some taboo topics will be covered. Bad baby names are sort of in that category but it is most definitely a cringe-worthy topic. If they weren’t then they wouldn’t be all that interesting but they are most definitely something that gets a lot of attention!

That is what the first Expressive Mom podcast was about in a nutshell! Really bad baby names that should put the parents in court! Enjoy!! Prepared to be blown away by hearing some of the crazy names that had to be part of the collection and talked about! You may actually be crying or laughing or perhaps both after hearing some of these really interesting and awful names.

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