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I really could not care less about how other parents raise their kids as long as they are not abusing or neglecting them in any way at all. I could not care less if they feed them McDonald’s every night, or dress them in clothing that is not fashionable (and I of all people couldn’t care less about that one either), or the type of schools they send their kids to. However, what does deserve judgment other than the obvious which is neglecting or abuse are parents who are teaching their kids to be hateful and spiteful themselves, as well as teaching their kids false things that have been scientifically proven.

I am no sanctimommy, in fact, I had a war with one which I will blog about tomorrow. But there are some things I will not tolerate. I have already said I have no patience for parents who teach their kids hate any type of hate, as well as parents who encourage their kids to bully others that are “weaker” than them. Yes, there are parents who do that and they should be ashamed of themselves. I also have a low tolerance for parents who are teaching their kids false information that has been scientifically proven such as the flat earth movement.

Yes, the flat earth theory is a scary conspiracy theory and the parents who are teaching their kids false information about the world being flat – and that science is fake are not doing their kids any favors. Unfortunately, there are a lot of parents that do this and would even go as far as writing off their kids if they were to learn the truth. And, my show from last week is just about that.

Flat Earther moms as well as confessions from people who believe that the earth is flat! What are they teaching their kids? They are teaching them pure garbage. And I did dedicate a show just about that. By the way, if you are confused as to why I added a pizza pie as the featured image, that is the representation of the so-called flat earth.

Flat Earthers believe that the earth is shaped like a flat disk, just as how a pizza pie is shaped. That pizza pie is the way the earth appears to these Flat Earthers! Go and have a listen to the podcast that is embedded below, and go and have a laugh, or not. Remember – there are parents out there that are teaching their kids that the Earth is flat, among other false theories and it is quite scary, to say the least!

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