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If you live in the Houston area and you need an eye doctor, you are in luck because Houston Eye Pros are in 5 different locations, which includes The Woodlands. And when you make an appointment with The Woodlands Eye Doctor, you will know that you are going to be taken care of extremely well. 

Not only do they offer the standard eye exam services, but they will also offer dry eye treatments, contact lens fitting services, LASIK consultations, Optomap retinal exams, as well as eye emergency care. 

They are there to cater to your schedule and are there to see you when it is convenient for you which is why they are open 7 days a week. They want to be known for not just their expertise and meticulous eye care but they also want to be known for providing excellent eye care services to their patients. 

In addition to doing the typical eye examinations, they will screen for diseases of the eye that you may not even be aware of which means you may be affected and be asymptomatic. 

They use state of the art technology which means their ways of treating, examining, and diagnosing ailments are always going to change as technology keeps evolving. This means they are also evolving with technology which will allow the optometrists to examine deeper into the eyes. 

The technology that they use to make medical eye assessments are:

  • Optos Imaging – Optomap Retinal Exam – Since the retina is the only area of your eye where the blood vessels can be seen in a direct way, it can reveal a lot. This means that signs of serious diseases such as stroke, cancer, aneurysm, as well as heart disease can be seen through the retina. However, it is only possible to see signs of any of these diseases by using the Optomap retinal exam as most of the retina can be examined through a panoramic image. Only 15% of the retina can be seen by using traditional methods whereas this method will show at least 80% of the retina. 
  • Optical Coherence Technology or OCT – This imaging system is a laser system that is used to diagnose many eye disorders such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetes, and glaucoma. It provides a biopsy of the eye that is virtual which means it is non-invasive and can see signs of damage that is on the way before the damage completely manifests and causes eyesight problems. 
  • Visual Field Test – This test can assess the severity of glaucoma, as well as to diagnose and monitor the disease. It is also used to examine the central and peripheral vision effectively. 

Be sure to take extra care of your eyes and book an appointment today with The Woodlands Eye Doctor! It is easy to do and you will get a call or email back immediately after you contact them. 

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