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Birthday Party Expressive Mom

You have probably wondered how the birthday party tradition started. Well, birthday traditions started back in Ancient Egypt, but the Ancient Egyptians did not celebrate the birthdays of ordinary people. Instead, they celebrated the birth of their gods, which happened one year after the god was born. This was the first recorded birthday celebration which happened on a yearly basis.

Additionally, the Ancient Greeks celebrated the births of their gods too, just like the ancient Egyptians did. An example of that is when they celebrated the birthday of Artemis, who was the goddess of the Moon- they placed the candles on the bread. Then they would light them because that represented the glow of the Moon. This is how the candles became an important part of the birthday tradition.

The Ancient Romans were the first group who celebrated birthdays of ordinary people. What they did was have their families and friends gathered around, provided them a feast and family members and friends sent gifts. The Romans also started the cake tradition. They always included cakes that were made of honey, flour, and cheese during the celebrations.

Ever since then, it is known how much birthday traditions have evolved. However, it was not all that long ago that balloons were used for birthday parties considering that balloons were once used for scientific experiments only.

The first rubber balloon was made by Michael Faraday in 1824, and he used them in his laboratory for scientific experiments. However, a year later, the British inventor and rubber manufacturer Thomas Hancock began selling balloon making kits.

Then 12 years after the fact, British business owners started selling balloons and they were used for other purposes. However, balloons were not used for birthday celebrations until the early 1940’s.

The Americans began including balloons in birthday celebrations by twisting balloons into animal shapes for kids- and the tradition caught on. Then in the 1970’s, foil balloons were introduced and were used as recreational balloons. They became incredibly popular as their shapes were superior over rubber. Therefore, it was easy to convey messages such as “Happy Birthday” on these balloons.

And today, balloons are always part of the birthday itinerary and are used for birthday parties worldwide. Kids adore balloons and they expect to have them for their parties. Otherwise, they will find birthday parties lacking and boring.  

Birthday parties have evolved so much that there are other factors that can make birthday parties fun. This includes party favors like confetti, other props, finger foods, drinks, and of course the birthday cake which has been part of the birthday celebration by the Ancient Greeks Romans, of course with the candles to be blown out.

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So now, if you have ever wondered how birthday parties and traditions were established, it all points back to Ancient Egypt. It is also very fascinating how far the birthday celebrations have evolved to the point that websites like are there to give parents and caregivers the best birthday party for their young ones ever.


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