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Yesterday on Scary Mommy, a post was written and shared on their Facebook page about the unbelievable traffic jam in LA due to everyone leaving town. It is American Thanksgiving today, and this kind of traffic is to be expected in certain areas, especially in big cities like LA. Well I could not help but to chime in and note that the picture that was used in the post looks like what you would see in Toronto- in regards to the traffic jams that are always happening here because it is a big city. However, at least with LA you have much better weather.

Expressive Mom

I have said before many times how much I really do not like living in Toronto. I was born and raised here but I not only would love a change but the crowds and the weather is left to be desired. Other Torontonian moms commented and basically said the same thing. However, many from LA commented and said how much they would love to experience having seasons instead of it always being summer. What? Really? You mean you really want to be boxed in during snow days? You really want to experience not enjoying having a walk outside due to the fact it is -10?

I found these comments interesting because it just shows that no one is really happy with where they are, or what they have. The truth is, winter does worsen my depression and the way I see it is those who live in a place where it is sunny almost all the time should be appreciative that they almost always have great weather. I suppose this is a lesson for me as well. Sure, I cannot stand Toronto but there are other things in my life that I may not appreciate that others would want.

It is human nature to take things for granted, and think it is better elsewhere. This certainly has given me food for thought. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

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