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Expressive Mom

I have wanted to stay away from politics and that is why I have spoken very little about the election. I have written about it on my other blog, but I kept my opinion to a minimum.

Now that Trump will be the president of the US as of January 20, 2017 we have to wait and see what will really happen. Many of those who supported Hillary, or who never liked Trump to begin with are afraid of how America will turn out. In fact, those from other countries are concerned how they will be affected as well since they depend and do business with the US on a frequent basis.

There is one thing I want to state, and I know this will ruffle some feathers. It is known that Trump wants to do something about the abortion laws in the US. Those who are pro-life support him for that as well.

I realize this doesn’t affect me considering the fact that I am in Canada which has it’s own abortion laws- not to mention I will and can never be pregnant again. However, I do have a strong opinion on this topic because I am pro-choice and always have been that way.

Why am I pro-choice? What a woman decides to do with her body really isn’t any of my business. That is why. However, I do have my limits with that as well because if she makes such a huge choice with her body, it is her responsibility to do the right thing.

I don’t condone abortions that are done past 12-weeks gestation unless there is a serious medical issue involved that will cost the life of the mother and/or baby. I don’t condone women who decide they don’t want to carry the baby anymore at 5 months. That to me is wrong and I don’t even believe it is legal to abort here at that point, unless once again it is for medical reasons. You are free to not want the baby at that point, because there are many couples out there, infertile or not who want to adopt. Any ethical clinic that performs abortions would point that out as well.

Is abortion a form of birth control? No! Absolutely not! There are many effective forms of birth control out there, and abortion is not one of them. Women (and men) are responsible for doing their research.

The fact of the matter is, accidents can happen. Even if a couple is careful, accidents can occur. If a woman has to go on antibiotics while she is on the pill and forgets the fact that it cancels out the effectiveness of the pill, then that right there is an example of how an accidental pregnancy can happen. The woman has the right to abort early as possible if that is what she wants to do.

A perfect example of why abortion must be an option is the Casey Anthony case. When she got pregnant, she wanted to terminate the pregnancy right away. However, her incredibly right-winged parents stood in her way. Look what ended up happening. No one can compare removing a clump of cells to the murder of a child!

If Heaven forbid a woman was raped and got pregnant, she has that right to abort early on if she chooses. Carrying that pregnancy to term could painfully remind her of that traumatic event. Raising that child would do the same, this time forever.

The government can’t fuck with that. Leave the abortion laws alone because women are free to choose to handle their own bodies in a responsible way. Otherwise, there will be far more unwanted children, child abuse, and child murders. Leave the abortion laws alone.

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