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It is important for infants and children to play with toys as it serves many purposes such as promoting imagination and creativity, in addition to motor-skill and problem-solving development. However, the type of toys that kids play with will help with the development of babies and children than others. 

This is why it is important that they play with engaging, tactile toys that will promote learning in addition to the fact that they are entertaining. That is why the company Wooden Caterpillar will provide the best type of learning high-quality wooden toys for babies and infants. 

The wooden toys that are sold from Wooden Caterpillar are handcrafted to perfection and will never go out of date. These toys are meant for kids to manipulate them in ways that will promote their gross and fine motor skill development and good coordination. These toys come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Young toddlers can develop the ability to grasp objects properly when they are holding the wooden toys that are of different shapes, sizes, and textures. 

Wooden Caterpillar

Additionally, the fact that the toys are wooden and not plastic, they are heavier which means whenever the child holds the toy, he or she realizes that he or she has to be the one to move the toy around. Toys that are lightweight and plastic do not give the child the opportunity that heavier toys do in order to develop that type of sense of self-awareness for that reason. Heavier toys such as these ones sold by Wooden Caterpillar provide kids with so many opportunities for development. 

That also means these toys can help babies correct sensory issues because research has shown that wooden toys are excellent for that. These toys are also completely safe so parents do not need to worry about them breaking, having sharp corners or edges, and are made with paint that is non-toxic. They do meet the current safety standards for infant toys. 

The bonus with these toys is that they are beautiful and extremely enticing, and are extremely fun to play with. There is a large variety of toys that the Wooden Caterpillar offers which will not be only entertaining and fun for kids but will teach them about the world that is around them. For instance, they sell animal wooden toys from all of the different continents oceans, and regions around the world. Their selection for animal wooden toys include:

  • Dinosaur toys
  • Forest or wild animal toys
  • Sea or ocean animal toys
  • Farm animal toys
  • African or Safari toys
  • Exotic animal toys
  • Polar animal toys from the North and South Poles
  • Australian animal toys
  • Bird toys
  • Fairy creatures

They also sell balance toys, stacking toys, tactile toys,  tree toys and sets, various playsets, and puzzles. They also sell rattles, teethers, wooden spoons and other baby toys that will help foster growth and development. This means if you are looking for ideas for what you can get your small child for his or her birthday, the Wooden Caterpillar is loaded with ideas! The same goes if you are looking to get a niece, nephew, a little cousin, or a friend or co-worker’s child a gift!

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