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The one type of toys that you will see in kids’ rooms are stuffed animals or plushies. Kids absolutely love stuffed animals (as well as many adults, because how can you resist any adorable plushie, really?). The one type present that family members and friends of parents automatically get their kids are plushies. That is because they know that the kids will be receptive to it.

Kids love stuffed animals for so many reasons. One reason is that they give them the security they need during bedtime. That is why kids keep their stuffed animals in bed. The other reason children adore plushies is because they give them an opportunity to express their creativity and use their imagination. For instance, they use their stuffed animals when it comes to playing house, having a tea party or playing doctor. Their plushies are the tea party guests or the patients.

You also have noticed that the more plushies that kids have in their rooms, the more space they take. The next thing you know, their entire dresser surfaces are full of stuffed animals which leaves very little room for anything else. Additionally, the stuffed animals frequently end up on your kids’ bedroom floor as well. And the problem with this is that more and more dust is collected, which will aggravate your child’s allergies- as well as your own! Then, the next thing you know is that you are frustrated by the fact that there are too many stuffed animals to handle!

The only solution you have probably thought of in this situation is to give some of them away. You may have asked your child which plushies they really want to keep and allow them to keep their favorite stuffed toys. That means that they would have to give up the stuffed animals that they aren’t really attached to. However, this would still make your child quite sad.

the good news is that you no longer have to do that! Thanks to a brand new product by JaxGizmos, the Fun Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair!


JaxGizmos Fun Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

JaxGizmos Fun Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair in blue


stuffed animals

JaxGizmos Fun Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair in pink



JaxGizmos Fun Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair in gray


And this nifty product has several purposes. The main purpose is to store your child’s stuffies, and help keep their bedrooms organized as a result- and to minimize dust accumulation. The other great feature that this product has is that can be used as a kids bean bag chair! Kids can sit on this cool chair for activities such as reading, playing games, or can sit on this chair while enjoying a movie night with the family.

JaxGizmos Fun Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair is made of premium quality 100% cotton, and it is extremely durable, machine washable, and has a covered zip so your child’s floors cannot be scratched. This product is also lab tested (CPSIA/ASTM), and can hold anywhere from 60 to 80 plushies!

In fact, anything soft such as bedding, extra blankets, towels, seasonal or dress-up clothes can be stored in this nifty product, and it is a great alternative to a toy box or a toy chest. JaxGizmos Fun Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair is currently only available in the US. Go check the new product from JaxGizmos right here!


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