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Who would have ever imagined that on New Year’s Eve of 2019 that we would be dealing with a pandemic in 2020? Who would be celebrating the upcoming year if they knew what was in store? No one would. The strange thing is that I personally experience feelings about how a year will turn out (and 2021 will be better as I feel strongly COVID will be on its way out over time but there will be plenty of other ugly challenges to face and I am sensing it will likely be mostly political).

However, last year, I did not have any feeling about 2020. I did not feel it was going to be neutral. I was drawing blanks. Like my intuition was purposely blocked. Weird, huh? But here we are, in September, dealing with the pandemic for six months! And we are not done anytime yet. And this has added an extra strain to parents everywhere of young kids.

Especially as they attempt to work from home via Zoom meetings, their kids will do what they can to interrupt them. It’s not like most of them do it on purpose. But you know how there is the worst time for shit to happen? That is when mom is in the middle of a Zoom conference and her little one announces loudly that he accidentally pooped in his pants. He even comes up to mom, where her colleagues and boss can see him, and he pulls his pants down and everything is visible. Yep. That is just one example of what pandemic parenting entails. But it is time to have a laugh and a cry and read these ever-so-relatable comics. One day, far down the road, you will have a big laugh over these memories that are stressing you out right now though.


Parenting comes with countless challenges, but pandemic parenting takes the difficulty to a whole new level. Fortunately, many talented moms and dads have channeled their COVID-19 stress into relatable art that makes struggling parents feel less alone. From homeschool struggles to Zoom meeting interruptions to general household chaos, there’s no shortage of messy subjects to illustrate.

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