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You just had a baby? Well done and congratulations! You are in for one interesting journey when you discover what parenthood is all about! This is truly an exciting time and one that most people nowadays like to share by hiring a newborn photographer. That is an individual or a company that specializes in newborn photography.

Newborn Photography – How to Select the Right One

When you are choosing a newborn photographer, there are some things to keep in mind. You will want to be sure to check out the photographer’s portfolio because that will show you a lot his or her style and experience.

1. Check the Photographer’s Portfolio – Always remember that your newborn will not stay small forever. In fact, they grow up so fast that you will not know what had hit you when they do. This is why it is so important that you want to hire someone who obviously knows what he or she is doing. Therefore, by looking at the portfolio, you’ll quickly see the quality of his or her past work. Another reason you are going to want to look at the portfolio is that you will want to make sure you like the style of newborn photography they produce. There is no point in hiring someone only to find out that his or her style of photography doesn’t strike your fancy in any way.

2. Examine the Price and Other Details of the Packages – If the photographer does not many packages, and the price is not fitting with his or her work, you will want to keep looking around. Firstly, you are going to want to find a professional who offers a variety of packages at reasonable prices. If you don’t know the pricing for newborn photography, then you need to compare packages from different photographers. You will quickly learn what is reasonable, valuable, and from there on you will know how to choose the best one.

3. How Can You Help the Newborn Photographer – The best time to photograph your newborn is when they are less than ten days old. That is because they still have that really cute and wrinkly appearance. In order to get the best photos, you can start looking for a photographer well in advance of the birth. Better yet, since you are so busy preparing for the baby in general, maybe have someone who has similar taste help you out with choosing the right photographer. Once you have some names, you can then narrow it down by doing what was suggested in the above paragraph.

Once your baby is ready to have his or her picture taken, you will want to make sure the session is held when your baby is normally either asleep or about to fall asleep. When your baby is sleepy, that is when it is best to get the photograph done. Having the room where the picture is being taken warm can be helpful because it can make the baby sleepy.


What to do after the photography session. The first thing to do is pick out the photos. The sooner the photos are chosen, the earlier you can have them in your hands. Then have them printed out because nowadays so many people take shots, and never print them out. If the pictures are not backed up, then those memories will be lost for good. That would be horrible.

To sum up, before you are about to give birth, go look for a newborn photographer. Or delegate the job to someone who you trust since you will be busy. Once you choose the best one according to the portfolio, pricing and value in general, arrange to have the picture taken. Be sure to arrange to have it done when the baby is less than ten days old, and when he or she is sleepy. Remember how important it is to have it done since the child will grow up. One day he or she will thank you for having a professional newborn photography session done.




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