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A long day of work and caring for children passes by. You come home exhausted and need somewhere to unwind. The living room is full of toys, and the kitchen has dirty dishes piled in the sink.

When you need time for yourself, you can find comfort in your bedroom. The best way to find the comfort and relaxation you need is to follow these tips for designing the perfect primary bedroom.

Neutral Tones and Bright Accents

Neutral tones are popular for their relaxing effect. Some neutral colors include beige, gray, ivory, brown, black, and white. Using these colors doesn’t mean that your bedroom has to be boring.

With neutral tones as the foundation of the bedroom, you can add accent pieces like paintings, photographs, mirrors, and bedding to brighten up the space. Not only is it important to decorate your bedroom for a good night’s sleep, but the room should also feel like your own.

Small Seating Area

Perhaps it seems absurd to create a seating area in the primary bedroom when you have a perfectly good living room. But this seating area gives you a hideaway spot when you need to unwind away from others. Find a comfortable chair or a small couch, and place it in the corner of the room.

Seating gives you the opportunity to relax in the bedroom without lying in bed. Remember to keep a fuzzy blanket beside the seating area so you can snuggle up when it gets cold outside.

Low, Warm Lighting

An overhead light is ideal for bedrooms because it illuminates each area of the room. But there are moments when you want to hang out in your bedroom without bright, intense lighting. A helpful way to create a calm, relaxing setting is to have low-light options.

Place lamps on nightstands on each side of the bed. Then, by the seating area, station a tall lamp for reading or drawing in the evenings. You’ll have the perfect light settings for a cozy bedroom.

Efficient Storage Items

A crowded primary bedroom makes your peaceful hideaway feel cluttered. When purchasing furniture items, find efficient storage items that will match your bedroom’s design and accommodate your clothing and accessories.

Add extra storage bins under your bed. It’s also important to keep the laundry bin nearby so you can easily put away any dirty clothing.

Following these tips for designing the perfect primary bedroom will give you the relaxation space of your dreams!

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