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Improving your sleep will impact every facet of your life – so here is how to do so.




Conduct Regular Exercise

Increasing the amount of physical activity you engage in on a daily basis is bound to positively impact you rest time; this is simply due to the fact that people who exercise a lot have been observed to enjoy better sleep. This is according to the findings of the Sleep In America study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation back in 2013.

Avoid Working-Out Right Before You Go To Bed

Although most people don’t exercise hard enough to get their body so pumped up that they can’t enjoy the sleep-promoting advantages of working out, it’s worth noting that individuals who suffer from sleep issues should be avoiding working out just before heading to bed. Ending workout sessions some hours to bed is highly recommended.

Heavy Late Night Meals Should Be Avoided

Naturally, the body is not designed to work hard, digesting food during your sleep. As such, eating too much, right before bed may keep you up for longer than you’d like. Choose something light, if you have to eat just before bedtime.

Choose A Soothing Color For Your Bedroom Paint

The chosen bedroom paint color should have a calming effect on you; great examples here include warming yellows and relaxing blues among others. According to Michael Breus Ph.D., in a HuffPost interview conducted back in 2012, your bedroom paint should have a matte finish, as opposed to a glossy one.

Your Bed Should Only Be Used For Sexual Activity and Sleeping

Any reading should be done on your preferred chair or a comfy couch. Although you might think that reading in bed is relaxing and you want to enjoy your Keetsa mattress, it’s worth noting that reading a captivating adventure, suspense or any other book which requires intellectual and emotional attention to follow is rarely relaxing.

Silence Is Vital

Electrical devices that produce ticking or whirring sounds should not be kept in the bedroom. To keep unavoidable sounds, such as whining sirens from outside and snoring from your partner, out of your ears, use a pair of earplugs.

Pin Drop Silence Is Not Recommended

Any sound during your sleep will be that much more exaggerated if your bedroom is so silent that you can hear a pin drop. To introduce some non-disruptive sounds to a bedroom that’s seemingly too quiet, use a white noise machine.

Keep Pets Out Of Your Bedroom

Regardless of how much you love your pets, having them in your bedroom is bound to disrupt your sleep by purring or wagging tails regularly. Furthermore, people who suffer from allergies are bound to have their sleep interrupted due to the irritation caused by exposure to animal fur.

Find A Comfortable Mattress

Surprisingly, your mattress might be the behind your regular lack of sleep. A mattress that’s too small or too rigid due to wear can interrupt your sleep. Identifying the signs of a worn mattress, and getting a replacement as soon as possible is essential. Consumer Reports recommends that you change your mattress every five to ten years.  

Adopt A Smart Nap Schedule

Adopting a smart daytime napping schedule comes with a variety of benefits including improved memory, attentiveness and productivity, without necessarily impacting your nighttime sleep quality. However, to enjoy the above benefits, it’s recommended that you avoid napping too close to your bedtime and limit naptime to no more than half an hour each day.

If you want to look at other natural ways to help you get the zzz’s that you need, you can look for the best kratom for sleep. Sometimes you may need a helping hand if you have difficulty even if you tried the above tips. Sleep well tonight!

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