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If you are passionate about cooking, then you are going to want to invest in the best quality Japanese cooking knife such as the Kamikoto ‘Kanpeki’ knife set considering that it did extremely well in the Kamikoto reviews. These kitchen knives are of the highest quality that you can find as they have a very thin blade. However, you will also need to be aware that they need some extra tender loving care. And, you will need to know how to use them properly to make it your best kitchen asset! Let’s go over the important tips for using a Japanese cooking knife:

  • Use the knife correctly – If you are going to chop something, use a chopping knife. If you cut some meat, you will need a carving knife. If you plan to do some boning, use a boning knife. You get the picture which means use the correct type of knife for the right type of cutting job it is meant for in order to make it work for you. Otherwise, the knife will become very dull quickly, and you’ll find that very small parts will crack away which is called chipping. You don’t want to do this to such an amazing knife!
  • Never pry or wedge – If you are prying or wedging with the Japanese cooking knife, then you will ruin the knife so don’t do any type of lateral movement with it at all. Only to the up and down movement with the knife which is all it is meant to do to be effective. 
  • A Japanese kitchen knife is meant to cut smoothly – This means if you find yourself having to force yourself to cut something while using a Japanese cooking knife, then something with it is not right. You will want to either check the product or go for a different type of knife. If you find yourself having to force the cutting with this knife, you can easily end up injuring yourself which you will not want to do at all costs – especially with this type of knife!
  • The cutting board must be wooden or plastic – You may prefer to use a glass or a marble cutting board due to the fact that it is so easy to wash and clean up. However, when you are using a Japanese cutting knife, you will not want to use these boards because it will do a lot of damage to the knife. That is why it is best to only use a wooden or plastic cutting board as it is too hard for the knife to cut through. As long as the board doesn’t get scratched by the knife, then it is the right type of board. 

Wash your knife immediately after use by hand – You will want to wash your knife with water right away so it doesn’t rust, and you will only want to wash it by hand. It will be damaged if placed in the dishwasher because the detergent will damage it!

Store the knife in a knife block – When you are storing the knife you will want to make sure it is not in contact with anything since it could be damaged. Put the knife into a knife block when you are storing it so it will be protected.

As long as you can follow these tips to care for the Japanese cooking knife, and to use it for proper use only – you will enjoy using it. It will make your cooking experience even better because it really is so easy and effortless to use!


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