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CM or Traditional Chinese Medicine is a treatment procedure used in China to treat health conditions. TCVM or Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is a part of TCM which is used to treat veterinary health conditions. Being strictly based on the Chinese Daoist Philosophy, which states that the body is a microcosm of the entire universe, is ruled by the forces and laws which rule the outer world. The life force energy or popularly known as Qi in China, it is an innate energy source of the universe. Driving down its each and every action and transformation, it is a fundamental body force. In TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin-Yang Theory is also featured clearly which is the epitome of Daoist philosophy.

The Branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicines are of great help. They are being used as a mode of treatment from a very ancient time and have proved to be potent enough for healing health conditions. When a body is contaminated with infectious disease and it has been identified, TCVM treatment procedures are the one to cure such conditions. Even though we all know and it is highly accepted across the globe that acupuncture is Chinese medication but it isn’t the only one. Acupuncture is a part or branch of TCM as well as TCVM. Apart from it there are three more branches of TCVM and those are Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy and the last one Tui-Na.

Herbal Medicine – Herbal medicines are the ones which utilize herbal ingredients. These ingredients are listed under the Chinese Herbal Medicine and can be used in particular combinations to treat particular diseases. The CHM or Chinese Herbal Medicine therapies are curing diseases for the past 4000 years. Even today the herbal medicines are prepared with the help of modern scientific methods but the ingredients and process used are of ancient times.

Herbal medicines enhance the body’s immunity to fight against the disease and cure the imbalance caused due to the disease in the body. Every herbal medicine has a different effect on the body depending upon the disease from which the animal is suffering. Each herb has some effects which can be experienced when consumed by the animal, some of them are sudden heating of body or cooling, sourness or bitterness of taste buds, mild effect on liver, heart, lungs and stomach, etc. To treat diseases, a single herb is used to develop a herbal medicine. TCVM uses these herbal combinations and formulas to create different medicines for different diseases. These medicines are mostly consumed orally, given as tea pills and capsules for dogs and cats.

Food Therapy – This is one of the most effective and interesting therapy where the diet charts of your pet’s are monitored and tailored. It is the science of treating individual pet diet and preventing imbalance caused in the body due to improper diet. These can be based on some unique inborn tendencies such as, age of the animal, species, geographical location of the pet’s residence, personality of the animal, and any current disease. Food therapy works in a very different way, it utilizes the food’s energy as in its thermal energy as well as taste to cure certain ailments. For different diseases, different kinds of food are prescribed depending on the species, age and geographical location of the animal. If you can’t locate a good veterinary doctor then search for best veterinarian near me on the internet and get some food therapy done for your pet.

Tui-na – Often referred to as acupuncture, Tui-Na is a form of Chinese medical massage and not exactly acupuncture. It is very different from acupuncture therapy and in this therapy different manipulations are applied on different acupuncture points. Even at the Meridians, the manipulations are applied to promote the passage of Qi. This therapy is done for the correction of imbalances occurred within the body’s system. History states that this therapy was first applied on animals during the 16th to 11th century BC. References of this therapy can be found in the Huang Di Nei Jing or the Yellow Emperors Inner Classic which was written during 475 to 221 BC. Tui-Na is used to regulate the blood flow in the body, relax the joints, strengthen the immune system, etc. It is a popular therapy to treat musculo-skeletal conditions.

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