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Being a parent is often said to be the most demanding — and the most rewarding — job in the world. Just about any parent will agree that they feel privileged to love and raise their children, at least when they’re not dealing with a toddler who’s melting down or an overtired preschooler who won’t take a nap. Another challenge that most parents face is simple but often feels overwhelming: organizing the toy room.

Having kids typically means having tons of toys, and if you feel like you have more stuff than ever before, you’re probably right! When you add a baby to the family, you often acquire more items to help raise that child. In fact, new parents have an average of 30% more possessions!

So, it’s not surprising that more than half of Americans say they feel overwhelmed by clutter in their homes. Yet, nearly four in five people admit they have no clue how to deal with it. The issue can stem from several factors, including a lack of storage space. One in four people struggles to find the time to organize their clutter, while another quarter admits that they have too much stuff.

In a quest to keep toys from running amuck, many families dedicate a specific toy room. However, the question of how to organize it remains. Some simple strategies can help keep your kids’ toys organized, creating less clutter and stress.

First, determine which toys are the favorites — the ones they play with nearly every day. Maybe it’s the giant box of blocks or toy trains or the dozens of plastic accessories that go with the play kitchen. Once you’ve found them, store them low to the ground so the kids have easy access.

Then, use bins, boxes, shelves, or cubbies to store other toys; there are dozens of types, styles, and colors from which to choose. Different types of toys can be stored in different bins, and you can tape a picture of the toy to each bin to make clean-up easy and fun for your kiddos.

Finally, for toys and games that are used less frequently, take advantage of vertical storage by adding shelves to the playroom and/or closet. Shelves come in wood, plastic, and metal, and you can choose styles that complement your décor and theme.

For more ways to keep your toy room organized and clutter-free, check out the accompanying resource.

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