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Nothing is more worrying to a parent than knowing there are pests running around your home. It’s a real concern as a parent because having a pest infestation can actually be dangerous for your children.


Having pests in your home can cause a whole host of health issues that you might not know about. Asthma, allergic reactions and itchiness are some of the common signs that you have pests in your home. Not to mention the fact that pests carry a lot of bacteria and diseases that then infects your home.

expressive mom


Once pests are in your home, you then have to think about the pest control treatment you’re going to use. Having children in the home means that you probably won’t want to use chemicals. As a parent you need to know exactly what options you have to manage pest infestations when they happen. You need to do this to stop your children being exposed to diseases and illnesses that pests can cause.


Here are some of the ways you can do pest control in your home without having to endanger your children further.


  • Rodents – Make sure that you eliminate any source of food that a rodent could get to in your home. This will keep them from infesting your property. All a rodent wants is to eat and have shelter. Look around your home and check for any possible entry points a rodent can use. Then seal them up. If you want to use traps you can, just make sure they are placed well away from children.
  • Fleas – Children are at risk with fleas because of the bites, and these bites can transmit diseases to your little one. Reduce the risk of fleas in your home by treating your pets regularly. Making sure to regularly vacuum can help eliminate fleas in the home too.
  • Cockroaches – The most dangerous pest to have around your children are cockroaches. They carry a lot of diseases, and if your child gets one of these diseases they can often be fatal. Cockroaches are more common in large cities like London, so make sure you get in touch with an extermination company if you see one in your home.


You must take these steps to keep your children out of danger and away from pests. Remember that prevention routines are brilliant for keeping your home and children safe.