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The first day that you send your children off to school is a momentous yet anxiety-filled one. What they learn behind those doors will prepare them for life outside the classroom. It’s no wonder you want to ensure they receive the best possible education that will benefit their lives in all facets.

You also have a big hand in providing them with all the skills, tools, values, and beliefs they’ll need to take them far. As such, you’ll want to find out these fun ways you can expand your children’s education at home.

Do As You Say

It’s no secret that our children lurk in our shadows and watch our every move; they’re our biggest copycats. That’s why it’s incredibly important that you do as you say. If you tell them they must read a book but rarely see you pick one up, they might be hesitant to do such an activity. However, when you practice what you preach, they’ll become much more prone to act in accordance with your habits.

Find Teachable Moments

Every moment can become an educational moment if you want it to be. With that in mind, give your children an expansive education right at home. But how is something like this done? Well, it’s easier than you think.

Next time you’re changing a lightbulb, hanging a shelf, or doing other tasks around your home, call out for your kid. Usually, when we do these simple tasks, we just get them done without thinking. However, these moments can become an educational opportunity that teaches your children valuable life skills such as safety, self-sufficiency, and how things work.

Have Educational Activities

If your kids are younger, you might be hesitant to introduce them to more challenging subject material like STEM. But that’s not true, as STEM exists in our everyday lives.

Our children tend to find themselves interested in the way things work. So, you might consider providing educational opportunities to introduce them to STEM subjects. For example, you can have a fun STEM teaching moment with pool noodles and toothpicks, which are simple items that are easy to find. Make a pool noodle tower with them, teaching them a little about the “E” in STEM.

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