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Now that most of us use digital technology for our photography needs, such as smartphone cameras and cloud storage, it’s hard to believe that photos were ever considered rare family heirlooms. It’s true, though. In the days before digital technology, a hard copy of a photograph from a birthday party or wedding may have been the only image from a special event that families could keep from generation to generation.

Many families have boxes and albums filled with these priceless memories, but aside from dragging them out to look at during family occasions, these photos may never see the light of day. Even newer family photos may be printed, filed and forgotten just because families may not be able to think of anything special to do with them.

Does that box of unsorted family pictures in your closet give you a feeling of distress? There are plenty of creative ideas you can use to revive your cherished family memories. Repurpose those old photographs and bring them out into the open where everyone will be able to see and enjoy them. This can strengthen family bonds and help ensure your family’s history is passed down to subsequent generations.

Have you traveled to the most wonderful place on earth, or taken a road trip through the most scenic routes back in the day?  Don’t let those memories become distant and keep them lively for others to enjoy and learn about. Check out the following infographic for some simple and creative ideas you can use to breathe life into your old family photos.

What To Do With Your Old
Family Photos courtesy of ArtPix 3D

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