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We are living in a world where technology is constantly evolving literally every day. A common requirement for many jobs nowadays is that applicants have knowledge of coding. As time goes on, there will only be more and more jobs popping up that will not accept applicants who have no idea how to code.

Does this mean that every job will involve programming? No, not at all. However, because any kind of software around is becoming an important part of all of our lives – kids need to know how to speak the language so they can use it properly, and that is by learning to code.

That confirms that we will always be living in a world that involves computers and technology advancing at a rapid rate. Therefore, that is why kids must start learning to code when they are very young. The same goes for kids with special needs. The sooner these kids are able to start learning the basics of coding, the easier their lives will be as they age.

Additionally, coding is crucial for kids to learn because it also helps them develop important computational thinking and problem-solving skills which they will need to use throughout their lives. Especially in this day and age! This is why more and more schools must start teaching kids how to code, and many already are starting to do teach coding in preschool. Yes, that is right, in preschools!

The great news is that there’s an app for that – Tommy the Turtle is an interactive app that helps teach young kids and kids with special needs to code. Zyrobotics, the company that developed the app, provides children with an accessible learning app, coupled with educational games, to enable kids to have fun learning the coding basics.

Kids will have an easy time learning because the app teaches them how to follow simple commands, loops, and sequences. The app also has a great feature where audio, visual, and touch inputs are combined so that multi-sensory learning is enhanced which holds the kids’ attention. The feature has a cute turtle doing actions based on their input, and kids absolutely adore this!

Once kids successfully complete the basic level, then they can play the game in challenge mode, and keep advancing as they finish each level.

When it comes to kids that have special needs such as motor or sensory limitations, the app can be adapted to their needs and is designed to be switch-accessible. The Tommy the Turtle app also connects with STEMdash to allow parents and teachers to interact with the kids and to track their progress as often as they need to.

Kids really love this app because of the fact that it is so interactive and very user-friendly, they view this as more of a fun game rather than something that is truly educational.

Additionally, you never have to worry about having to face in-app purchases or advertisements with Tommy the Turtle. In fact, it was identified as the Gold Award Winner for “Best Educational App” by Best Mobile App Awards!  That in itself must be encouraging to parents and teachers to know so that their kids who are using it are on their way to having a bright future! The app can be downloaded on iTunes for iOS and from Google Play for Android.

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