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Before becoming a mommy you have visions of what it will be like and what kind of a mommy you’ll be. However, the harsh reality is that we really have no idea and parenthood in action is more of a trial by fire. Until you’re put to that fire all of your grand fantasies are just that. Your beautiful, amazing, absolute miracle enters the world and all of your plans go out of the proverbial window. New moms don’t sleep because new babies take their sweet ass time to learn to sleep not only through the night but on their own- while punching, kicking and interrupting our good night’s sleep the whole way through.

Babies come and transform your life. You are not only mentally and emotionally changed but physically as well. After carrying children my body will never be the same as it was before. I am forever altered and marked by their existence and sometimes that reality takes more time to get used to than the new no sleep schedule you’re suddenly on. Then again, not only has my body changed but my mental focus as well. Worrying about them and their well being can be a full-time job. And while moms are constantly being barraged by the needs of their families, familiar and strangers opinions, unsolicited advice and judgments, being a mommy can be a lonely business. 

We wallow in the guilt of wanting time to ourselves while we struggle to meet everyone else’s needs. We are constantly surrounded in the trenches while feeling alone and lost at sea. Parenthood is full of ups and downs, highs and lows. These are all instances that Stacey Russo hits on in her book Tsunami Mommy: A Parenting Parody because becoming a parent is like a natural disaster. It’s the hurricane that tears through your town leaving behind utter destruction and the most magnificent rainbow you’ve ever seen. 

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Tsunami Mommy: A Parenting Parody shows us that what we are feeling is not singular to us and our experiences. There is nothing wrong with us or our children. We are not failing. Parenting is hard work and not at all like the television presents it to be. We all feel scared, lonely, self-conscious, judged, and tired at times but it’s important to know that it’s okay to feel these things and even more important that we talk about them and sometimes reach out for help when we need it. From one tsunami mommy to another I salute you! #solidarity. Now pass the wine!

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Dawn Seddio is a former blogger at and a current full-time mom to four boys under the age of eleven. She has found peace in art and has recently opened a craft business dubbed Designed by Dawn which she operates in between school/bus pick-ups and drop-offs. 

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