Before beginning a major home remodeling project, there are many things every homeowner must consider: the budget, a realistic timeline, dueling design aesthetics, your ability to do the work yourself vs. hiring professionals, the mess and dust in your home, packing away items for months, planning for water and electric shutoffs, protecting kids and pets, and the disruption to your family routine. The one item most people do not consider — and the one that has the potential to do the most damage — is the impact that home renovation can have on a couple’s relationship. 

While it looks easy on television, home renovation is among the most stressful projects a couple can undertake. Over time, the project can expose or even cause serious relationship issues. You should be aware that most couples who renovate a home together do not agree on every last detail. Whether their relationship survives or falls victim to the wrecking ball has far more to do with the way they communicate than the colors they choose for their new space. 

Will a home renovation project leave your marriage in need of repair? Read the following tips before you start — and review them often as you proceed!