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Sewing used to be an essential life skill. In the modern era, however, learning to sew is no longer a priority for most people. However, while nerds have kept the skill and hobby alive, sewing is making a comeback for all types of people. Keep reading to learn four reasons why.

Fight Fast Fashion

Textile waste takes up a lot of space in landfills, which many people are learning about for the first time and trying to fix. Since fast fashion is the principal contributor of all this textile waste, avoiding purchasing fast fashion is one of the ways people are trying to live more eco-consciously.

Unfortunately, purchasing slow-fashion garments often costs more than most people can afford. Instead of saving up all that money for just a few purchases, people everywhere have started sewing their own clothes and accessories. This way, they can simultaneously help save money and the environment.

Social Media Trends

Needlecraft is trending as people share their slow-fashion creations on social media platforms such as TikTok. People post pictures of crocheted crafts, tatted doilies, impressive quilts, and—of course—hand-sewn clothing. The increased online presence of needlecraft projects has repopularized these hobbies for thousands of people, which has led to more and more people trying their hand at sewing.

Creative Expression

As sewing becomes more popular and more people jump on the trend to try it, they realize how fun the creative expression sewing allows can be. This is because they’re not just begrudgingly sewing clothes because their clothes have holes and their mom told them to. People are now sewing with a purpose, and this change in mindset is helping them have fun while doing it! They’re learning that sewing allows them to create whatever they want while helping the planet in the process.

Technology-Free Fun

Outside of posting on social media, sewing and similar forms of needlecraft offer technology-free fun that’s hard to find these days. So many hobbies now rely on technology, from reading digital books to digital paint by numbers. These hobbies aren’t bad, but people are craving ways to give their eyes a break from screens, as staring at digital screens too much can hurt our eyes and overwhelm our brains. Sewing provides people with a rewarding, screen-free activity, so it is also becoming popular for this reason.

These are the four reasons why sewing is making a comeback for nerds and non-nerds alike. Regardless of whether we identify as a nerd or not, sewing is a fun hobby that helps us take better care of the environment while we creatively express ourselves and protect our vision.

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