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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays bring everyone together, and there’s always something magical in the air. But before the magic begins, you need to get organized. The holidays always go over better when you scramble less, and everything is in its place. It all starts with taking care of the place everyone will spend the most time. Check out these four ways to prepare your home for the holiday season.

Get a Move On

The holidays can’t sneak up on you because you know they come around every year. Knowing this gives you an advantage. Start preparing early. How much you need to prepare depends on how you celebrate. But the one thing that’s always consistent is food. Everyone eats during the holidays.

Stock up on the nonperishables first, so you don’t have to wait until the last minute to do a big holiday shop. Clean out the kitchen and get rid of any condiments or items that are wasting away. Consider getting a big freezer for the garage and place your meats in there. Start thawing them out a couple of days before cooking.

Clutter Be Gone

The holidays bring more items into your home than you currently have. There might be new gifts or decorations that add to the current decorations. Whatever the case, there is a chance things can get congested. Now is your time to declutter your home.

Go from room to room and see what items you no longer need. When it comes to downsizing your home, you don’t need to throw or give everything away. Some items you can place in storage and bring back out after the holidays. Either way, you need to make room for all the upcoming festivities.

Rinse and Repeat

You can’t avoid it. Your home needs a deep clean. It’s important to step into the holidays with a clean house and less worry. Start with the areas people will frequent most, like the kitchen, dining, and living room.

A deep clean means washing plates you rarely use, dusting every crevice, touching up the paint, and handling the windows and curtains. If you plan to have guests over, ensure that the guest room is spotless and that you provide them with the amenities they need to feel comfortable.

Moods and Vibes

Setting the mood for the holidays is the last point, but it is crucial. The right mood promotes a positive vibe. When it comes to setting the mood, remember the details matter.

Start with the front door. A cute and quirky doormat alluding to holidays is always a nice message to send to the people you welcome in your home. Make your home cozier with extra blankets, holiday-scented candles, tasty snacks, and joyful music.

Preparing your home for the holidays will get you in the right mood and eager for the upcoming festivities.

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