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Parenting is demanding, especially during the age of COVID-19, and whether or not the parents can send their kids to school while they work or manage the home – does not remove the stress much. To make matters worse, babysitters will not be available due to the pandemic situation, and many restaurants and bars in various places in the world are in lockdown. That puts an additional strain on parents since they cannot have a night out away from the kids.

When parents are strained, so is their marriage. However, all that moms and dads need to do is become creative as far as having time to themselves and away from their kids. That is why they can enjoy a few hours away from their kids after going to bed in their backyard. There are five backyard date ideas parents can utilize until the pandemic eases.

Backyard Picnic

When the weather is cold and snowy, it is a little harder to have a picnic as winter is fast approaching. However, when the nights are milder and with a warm winter coat, you can enjoy a picnic. You can always rent out a picnic table if you don’t have patio chairs and a table in the backyard. Or go and invest in a small one as they are inexpensive. Therefore, take a blanket, order some takeout, and have a fun backyard date with your spouse. Leave the topic of kids out of the conversation.

Sit By The Fire Pit

Another backyard date idea is to sit by the fire pit and even roast some marshmallows together and enjoy some s’mores. If it is too late to eat dinner, especially if it takes a long time for the kids to go to bed, this is a great option for a date night in the backyard. You can sit by the fire pit and reminisce over the good old days before the kids came into the picture.

Movie Night Outside Works

How can you watch a movie in the backyard when the weather is cold? That is easy. Warm-up by wearing your cozy winter coat and prepare some snacks with hot cocoa. Sit on the chairs, and put the laptop on the table as long as it is not too cold. Then go and enjoy a Netflix special. Remember that you can have the fire pit running, or you can invest in some outdoor heaters. Anything is possible.

Play A Board Game On The Picnic Table

You and your spouse can always enjoy playing a board game outside in the backyard on a clear night on the table. Put your heaters on, or fire pit on. Munch on some snacks, and enjoy the time you can spend with one another. You can play a game of scrabble, chess, checkers, or anything you wish. That is a great way to stay connected.

Listen To A Podcast Together

There are so many fantastic podcasts around that will pique the interest of anyone. Sit outside on a clear night, bundle up, and listen to an entertaining podcast with your spouse. And enjoy a glass of wine and some snacks, or hot cocoa if you like. Stay away from parenting podcasts as well!


If the night is clear, which likely it would be if you are going to spend time outdoors, you will want to spend the night together stargazing. Especially if you live in an area that is not heavily dense, you can clearly see the stars after the sun sets, which is early during the winter months. Stargazing will strengthen your connection as well.

There you go. There are some fantastic backyard date ideas for you and your spouse to utilize while you cannot find babysitters or go anywhere during the era of COVID-19. You must do that to keep your marriage strong, especially during times of stress such as these times.

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