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Your home reflects your personality, and every detail inside your home counts toward something bigger. Current trends tell you to constantly update and transform your space to keep your home looking modern and contemporary, but you can always choose what suits you best.

Some interior design styles are versatile and allow you to play more with different elements by incorporating them perfectly into your desired look. These five ways to achieve a timeless style at home will help you discover new ways to stay current and traditional at the same time.

Use Neutral Colors

Some trends tell you to use color as much as possible to update your home and make it more contemporary, but a timeless style has a different focus. A neutral color like white, beige, or gray will provide your space with subtle details that organically match and complement other elements like furniture and lighting.

Choose Minimalism

Minimalism is an essential part of a timeless style because it gives less reference to other types. But also, keeping your space clean and uncrowded will benefit it. A timeless style has open spaces and encourages the use of only what’s necessary. Decorating for some people means putting something in every corner of every wall, but a timeless style keeps it simple.

Have Clean Lines

Furniture is the best way to achieve clean lines that will make your space stand out for the right reasons. Clean straight lines are functional and deliver a style that doesn’t resemble any others. Some of the benefits of purchasing metal furniture for your home allow you to have the space you want with just the right elements. Metallic clean lines are timeless and durable.

Use New Patterns

Traditional patterns for your walls or couches are famous for bringing life and style into your home. These traditional patterns gain new variations with new trends, so they don’t have to remain completely the same all the time. You can now find floral or striped designs in neutral colors and subtle designs to create a mix of old and new styles that will make your space unique and enduring.

Mix Functionality and Design

Some decorations only serve one purpose—to look pretty. But they often aren’t useful. A timeless style focuses on functionality mixed with a design that optimizes the use of space rather than just taking space away from you. To achieve a timeless style at home, you should focus on elements that serve a purpose while looking great inside any room.

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