Owning a home is a wonderful experience, but it certainly comes with challenges. One such challenge is handling emergency repairs when they pop up. Accounting for roughly 51.4% of annual home repair costs, these unanticipated renovations can add up quickly if the problem is left for too long and the damage spreads. While some unexpected restorations may seem out of nowhere, there could have been warning signs along the way. Below are a few subtle indications of damage that homeowners should keep an eye on before they lead to potentially major concerns.

Starting with the exterior, some red flags homeowners may not notice until they become a problem are related to the gutter system. While practicing routine upkeep, look for pooling water, peeling paint, and sagging or damaged seams. These warnings may indicate repair is needed to help properly direct rainwater runoff or that the house might benefit from installing a gutter protection system. If faulty gutters aren’t addressed in time, it could lead to leakage and subsequent water damage or mold growth both inside the home and out. 

By being diligent with home inspection and maintenance now, homeowners could save themselves a lot of time, money, and stress in the future. Please see the accompanying resource for further examples of home damage warning signs.


Graphic created by Guided Solutions.