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The summer season is here, which means summer breaks and plenty of vacation time for families. If your family is preparing for its own summer vacation, make sure you add some home safety tips to your checklist. If you’re worried about leaving your home uninhabited, use these strategies to protect your home and grant peace of mind while you’re away on vacation.

Set Timers and Alarms

The key to deterring burglars while you’re on vacation is to make it seem like nothing has changed at home. One way to do this is to set timers for your indoor lighting. Utilize timers for your indoor lamps the same way you would schedule them for holiday decorations. Schedule your timers to turn your lights on at night, which will make it look like your family is home. As an added measure, you can also invest in alarms or cameras to monitor your property and deter thieves.

Ask Your Neighbors To Watch Your House

There are several ways you can recruit your neighbors to help while your family is away on vacation. To start, if you usually leave a spare key lying around your property, be sure to give it to a trusted neighbor instead. Leaving a spare key lying around makes it that much easier for thieves to discover a way into your home. You can even ask a neighbor to house-sit for you or simply pop in daily to make sure they don’t see anything suspicious. And if you leave pets at home, make sure to hire a care service or enlist a neighbor to feed them and spend time with them.

Unplug Your Home Appliances

Before you head out the door, make sure that your electronic cables are unplugged. Unplug any appliances that don’t need to remain running while you’re gone. This protects your electronics from power surges and minimizes fire risks. When a power surge occurs, it can cause surplus levels of electricity to flow through your electronics and appliances, causing damage. This can also cause your appliances to overheat, which poses a severe fire risk. In fact, electrical issues are some of the most common ways that fires start in the home. And when no one is home to spring into action, your home is at serious risk of fire damage.

Follow these tips to protect your home while you’re away on vacation to prevent break-ins, house fires, and more. You’ll have the ultimate peace of mind during your travels so that you can relax and enjoy your break.

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