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Summer is the perfect time to spend the day soaking in the sunshine with your family. Summer break also gives you and your kids plenty of opportunities to participate in some of the best and top summer vacation activities.

Backyard Camping

When boredom strikes and you feel you’ve exhausted every indoor activity with your kids, take the party outside. After all, summertime is meant for outdoor activity. Spending your days inside is almost doing a disservice to the season.

Set up a tent, grab a few sleeping bags, and prepare to have a backyard camping trip. The kids will love sleeping in the backyard, so why not spend the night under the stars with them? Make some s’mores and gather around the campfire to tell riveting ghost stories.

Road Trip Adventures

Pile the kids into the car and embark on a day of adventure. Hit the road for a road trip and travel somewhere new to see what the world has to offer.

While there’s plenty to discover on the road, any amount of time spent in the car can make kids restless and antsy. Prepare for some activities to keep your kids entertained during the expedition. Consider renting a van so that everyone has room to stretch out and enjoy the trip.

Nature + Arts and Crafts

After they fill every page of the coloring book, give the kids a new canvas to work on. Try some rock painting and see what new creations you can make together! Consider taking your kids to the park or the beach and helping them collect plenty of rocks to work on.

Give them a template to follow or let them free-hand the entire experience. Later, you can decorate their playroom or bedroom with their new creations.

Outdoor Movie

Everyone bonds over movies, but what about watching a movie outside? You can do this in a couple of different ways. First, you can find an outdoor theater venue and make your way there. Pack up some blankets for optimal comfort.

Second, you can create an outdoor theater space in your backyard. Drive-through theaters have become scarce, meaning this option might be better for you and your family. This way, you can provide your kids with a combination of nature and film that they’ll adore.

Beach Day

What’s a summer vacation without a beach day? It kind of feels incomplete if you didn’t make a trip to the beach at least once in the season. A beach day accomplishes everything you want to do in the summer.

You give them a day of fun, sun, and adventure—not to mention the fact that a day at the beach will tucker them right out. By the time you’re ready to head home, they’ll be too tired to lift their heads, giving you a night off.

Don’t let boredom win. There are plenty of summer vacation activities you can do with your kids. You create new memories and celebrate what the summer season is all about.

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