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One of the greatest joys of summer is the events it brings with it, from baby showers to bridal showers. Many people choose summertime to celebrate such events because of the climate and sunshine. If you have an event to attend, use these creative gift-wrapping ideas for summertime.

Creative Paper

Purchase some kraft paper and get those paint colors out. Whether you’re an avid painter or a beginner, everyone can accomplish this cute, one-of-a-kind, DIY painted paper. Watercolors are a great option for some flowers, such as roses or daisies. As long as you don’t blend the colors, watercolors are a forgiving paint option.

For a more modern and abstract look, use acrylic paint and paint straight lines all over the paper. Make sure the paint is dry before you give the present to the recipient. By putting more care into the gift’s presentation, you’ll avoid one of the most important unspoken rules of gift-giving.

Topper Fun

With a little string wrapped around your wrapping paper, you can easily tie a topper to your gift. A topper that coordinates with the present itself will tie it together well. Add a pinwheel for some whimsy or some sunglasses for some functional, fashionable summer fun. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy the creative summertime gift-wrapping ideas that you can pursue through your topper!

Basket Versatility

Skip the bag and pick out a creative basket to place your gift in. Consider a beach pail filled with all things beach-themed. Tie a coordinating bow around the pail and add a toy shovel. This option would be great for a kiddo.

A picnic basket is another versatile option. A vintage or new picnic basket that holds sweet summertime treats will look adorable.

Use a picnic tablecloth to fill the basket itself. This will complete the look while giving the receiver another functional gift to enjoy. Top the handle with a bow and tie a small kraft paper label to the basket. If you have summertime stamps, such as a watermelon, the sun or an ant, stamp the label with them. Small details will complete this picnic basket’s look.

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