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It’s Friday evening and your child reminds you that he is meant to be attending his friend Henry’s birthday party on Saturday. Suddenly panic sets in – you completely forgot to buy little Henry an age-appropriate gift! Putting $20 in a card simply won’t cut it. So what can you do? Don’t worry, finding the perfect, unique gift online is easy, and it will be really appreciated, not just by Henry, but also his mom. She will be grateful that you’ve bought a clever and thoughtful birthday gift and not a cheap, plastic toy from Walmart. Online you can find a present that will bring joy, but also has meaning.

Music apps for kids

Parents will love a gift that is also an educational experience for their child. So how about gifting them with an app to teach them how to play the piano? There are some great ones out there, particularly for iPad and Android tablets, that are big enough to incorporate a keyboard on the screen. They can learn how to read music, understand chord symbols and start playing some great pop songs. Flowkey Premium is a good option that young children will understand – it is ideal for beginners and they can learn at their own pace. Simply Piano is another great piano app that kids will enjoy – particularly learning pop and rock tunes that they know and love.

A creative subscription box

A subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving. It is something that a child will look forward to arriving in the post each month. What’s more, there are some great ones for kids that encourage creative skill and inspirational learning. Doodle Crate is a good option for any child that enjoys making things. Each month’s box contains all the materials that you need to make something amazing, from tie-dye bags to rocket models. Game Box Monthly is another family-friendly option that everyone will love. Each month you will receive a completely different tabletop game and card game that can be played by even the younger members of the family. Forget iPads and smartphones, this is a great way of getting back to traditional games.

An online treasure hunt

An online treasure hunt can be incredibly exciting – especially when there is an actual cash prize involved. One good option is Brain Chase, which is a global hunt, with $5,000 up for grabs. You have to solve a series of clues, find answers from videos, search the internet and even find places on Google Earth. You could sign little Henry up as a gift and really set his imagination on fire. Booking up a city scavenger hunt is another great birthday present that kids will love. They can have an adventure by solving puzzles and finding clues. Much more fun than a plastic Power Rangers doll.

You can buy the perfect, carefully-considered gift online that little Henry and his mom will definitely approve of. Even better, you haven’t spent hours hunting around the shops, when you simply haven’t got time.

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