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You have saved your old wine corks after your bottles of wine have been finished off. And you may not know why you had saved your corks but you will be glad you did after you know you can use them for clever purposes. And if you never saved your wine corks, you will want to save them in the future. That is because there are 14 clever ways to use your old wine corks that you will be glad to have learned about. So let’s talk about it below. 

Make Cork Stamps

If you like stamps and even personalizing your gifts, you can use corks as stamps. Take the cork and put it on the ink and then stamp the piece of paper. That is pretty cool to do. Your kids will love it too. 

Fridge Magnets

Having fridge magnets is handy as you can hang up essential reminders on your fridge with magnets. Of course, you course you can always make some fridge magnets with your corks. Just go to the craft store, get some glue and magnetic parts, and then glue the cork on one of those. Then you have a magnet. 

Turn Them Into Pin Cushions

Can’t you find a safe place to put your pins? Take an old wine cork, and it can be used as a pin cushion. You can decorate the wine cork with paint if you like. Let it dry, and start sticking your pins into it. 

A Candle Holder

If you love the look of a soft and glowing candle, then wine corks can help you with this. Get yourself a candle holder and then put it inside of a glass mug. Put the wine corks in it surrounding the candle holder. When you light up the candle, you will see how beautiful the candle is and how much it glows. 

A Napkin Ring

A DIY napkin holder is a fun thing to make. You need to have several corks, some thread that is stretchy, a heavy needle, a ruler, beads, and scissors. Just cut the pins, so they make small circles. And put holes in each circle. Then put each cork piece through the thread, one bead, another cork piece, one bead, and so on. Tie the thread together when you are done, and you have your DIY napkin ring. 

Craft Items For Kids

Of course, you will not share your wine with your kids, but you can give them the leftover corks. They can use it for painting, and they can make some unusual designs if they paint using corks, for example. 

Key Ring

You can make a keychain out of your wine cork. First, get a key ring, and then hook the cork onto it. Then, you have a cool-looking keychain that you can use for your housekey. 

Pretty Name Cards

If you have a unique event approaching, you will want to keep your wine corks to make beautiful cardholders. All you need to do is cut a slit inside the cork and stick the name card inside it. You can even add faux berries or flowers on the top of the cork if you want to embellish it. Your guests will love it. 

Cute Kid Toys

You can give your wine corks to your kids, and you can make toys. You can make cork dolls by putting a face on the top of the cork piece, so you need permanent markers for that. And you can tie a balloon that has not been blown up around the cork for the sake of its clothing. Your kids can use their imaginations with it.

Christmas Decorations

If you celebrate Christmas, you can create small Christmas trees. Grab tiny Christmas trees from a craft store and stick each one onto the top of the cork. And put them on display.

Cork Boats Are Fun For Kids

You can make mini cork sailboats. Take three corks and rubber band them with two rubber bands on each side. Then take a toothpick and stick it into the middle of the boat. Then take some felt and cut it, and stick it on top of the toothpick. Then you have a tiny sailboat. 

Charms For Wine Glasses

Are you having a party? Then, you can cut the corks into thick coins with a sharp knife and customize them in any way you wish. And place them on the base of the wine glasses for your guests. 


You can make succulents with wine corks. All you need to do is get some magnetic strips, paint, and small faux plants. Glue the magnetic strips on and paint the corks, and stick the small plants on top of the magnets, and there you go, you have succulents as wine corks. 

A Bath Mat

You would have to collect a lot of wine corks, and you would have to get the thick thread to create the bath mat. Stick a hole into each wine work and then put the thread inside to make the bath mat, and it is waterproof, and it ends up looking cool. 

There, the next time you get more wine, be sure to collect all of the wine corks. You can do cool DIY tricks with them.

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