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At one time all parents were childless, and during those times they would have said things to parents of young kids that would have angered them. However, none of those things that were said to parents would have been intentionally rude. Non-parents are just clueless about parenting. Now that the tables are turned and those once childless people that had no clue what it was like to have kids are parents to young children see how they likely would have inadvertently insulted parents. Let’s now take a look at 7 of the things that childless people should never say to parents since they know nothing about what it is like being a parent.

1. I want to have a baby so I am getting a puppy to see if I am cut out for the job

Puppies a lot of work but they are not comparable to having a baby. Yes, for the first few months you will need to work hard on housebreaking the puppy which means having to take the puppy outside in the night which is the only thing that is similar to having to be up with a newborn. But once the puppy grows and adapts, then you cannot at all compare caring for a dog to a human. For instance, you don’t need a babysitter to watch the dog if you are going to be out for a few hours which is just a piece of it. You cannot compare caring for a dog to a human at all. 

2. It must be so relaxing being home with the kids all day since you do nothing else 

Those who don’t have kids have any idea how exhausting it is to be a stay at home parent while managing the kids, the home, and trying to keep other affairs organized. It is not the way it seems as you sit all day in the den watching soaps while the baby is playing in the saucer or playpen while you are eating bonbons. That is the scenario that those who don’t have kids have in their heads when they think of stay at home moms, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. 

3. Your kid is out of control and why not try to do something to control that behavior?

This one is a nervy one that childless people have said to parents that are struggling to keep their kids under control while they are having tantrum after tantrum in public places. It is not so easy to control those kids, as all toddlers have meltdowns and you never know if the child also has special needs. A child that is running around uncontrollably or having tantrums is not a result of bad parenting, ever. And childless people should keep their thoughts to themselves since they cannot at all be empathetic. 

4. Please be on time 

That is not always possible when you are getting kids out of the door as it can take 10 minutes alone for them to put their shoes on, and depending on the weather, if they have to put their coats on, that takes a lot of time. Telling parents to be punctual is just as effective as telling your dog to say hello to you!

5. You look tired, are you feeling okay?

Of course, mom and dad look tired because parenting is so exhausting and they are used to being tired, so of course, they are feeling okay. This is their life and it is not a big deal to them that they are tired from parenting as much as hearing comments like this from those who have no clue what their lives are all about. 

6. I didn’t send you an invitation because I knew you would decline like you always do

That just proves that childless people and parents have nothing in common anymore. The reason that the parent declined was that perhaps a babysitter couldn’t be found, or the child was sick, or the parents needed time to wind down themselves. But that is a really terrible reason to not send an invite to a friend that has kids. 

7. We are having a get-together but you can’t come because it is only for adults

This is like a stab in the back for parents and this is one reason that many parents have ditched their childless friends who have shown their true colors. 

And for those childless people who decide to have kids one day, they will realize that the things they have said to parents were not just hurtful but uncalled for!

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