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If you care about the design and aesthetic of your new baby’s nursery, your efforts could cause you to feel overwhelmed. After all, matching the nursery to the rest of your home while portraying the whimsy of childhood—let alone creating a peaceful, calming atmosphere—can be difficult. Consider this simple guide to decorating your nursery so that your efforts come to fruition.

Color Scheme

Before you start your decorating pursuit, create a color palette. A color scheme is the foundation to a room’s design. Examine the colors in the rest of your home, and tie whatever neutrals are present throughout the home into the nursery. Adding a couple pops of color will make the nursery more childlike but still pleasing to the eye.

This doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with a bold color if that’s not your style. There are plenty of calming, soothing colors that will still add interest to the nursery.

Wood Stains

Cribs, dressers, and shelves, oh, my! All of these are often built with wood, and they come in a variety of colors or stains. If you want an eclectic nursery, consider mixing and matching wood colors. If you want a more calming, uniform look, consider using the same color of wood in these pieces of furniture. Dark wood contributes to a more traditional, masculine look, while white can provide a modern, feminine touch.

However, this will all depend on your color scheme. Darker colors on the walls call for light woods, and vice versa. Contrast between the two makes a room look well-curated.


Prepare yourself for a plethora of patterns to choose from for your nursery. The options are endless, which contributes to the fun of choosing! If you haven’t already chosen a theme, this is a great time to steer the room in a specific direction. Clouds, small animals, geometrics, and florals are just a few options to choose from. Keep in mind that smaller patterns look great on crib sheets, while bolder, brighter patterns look great on a blanket draped over the crib. If possible, tie the smaller pattern into the rest of the room through burp cloths, rocker padding, rugs, and changing pad covers.

If decorating stresses you out, remember to use this simple guide to decorating a nursery, and remember to take a deep breath—you don’t have to purchase, build, and install everything all at once. A healthy baby outweighs the importance of a perfect room, so just think about all the memories you can’t wait to create in the nursery.

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