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There is more to summer than cleaning. For example, you could revitalize the interior design of your home. Making things exciting for your kids when they come home is a bonus. There are several decorating options to consider, from introducing complimentary colors to bringing in summer blooms or creating cozy corners for relaxing. Consider taking advantage of some of these fresh home decorating ideas for this summer.

Introduce Floral Patterns

Think of you or a family member’s favorite flower. Whether it’s a certain species that you find appealing or one that invokes memories is up to you. The patterns and colors that make up a flower’s natural qualities are an excellent theme to design your rooms around. By adding floral patterns to your blankets, pillows, or furniture, your space is sure to feel refreshed. Natural tones are best paired with the flower that inspired them to help tie the room together. However, it is important to maintain balance and not concentrate on too many floral patterns in one area.

Use Vibrant Ceramics

Using more vibrant glassware and crockery helps invite that summer feeling to your meals. This is a great time to begin your seasonal collection or bring them back out from storage. It is a lot of fun being able to match your meals to the colors of your plates and bowls. The customizability is nearly endless and bound only by the types of shades you decide to use. Whether complimentary or contrasting, it is easily noticeable and blends seamlessly with the rest of your home’s decor.

Lighten Your Linens & Rugs

Throw blankets and bed sheets are some of the first things you see in the morning when starting your day. These are great for those who love changing the style of their bedrooms for each season. Starting out with nice calming pastels creates a soothing mood. Combining your color choice of linens with your rugs pulls the room together while keeping the tones light and refreshing, just like the summer season.

Among the many interior design trends of this year, this season is a great time to start changing things up inside. If you normally use muted or subtle colors, small accents and decor are a good starting point. Do not be afraid to experiment either. By considering a few of these fresh home decorating ideas for this summer, this year will hopefully be a bit more special.

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