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Slipping into your PJs and snuggling under cozy covers makes the perfect storybook ending to a long day. Although most people spend more time outside of their bedroom, putting time and effort into styling your bedroom offers various benefits. With the right furnishings, lighting, and ambiance, a well-styled bedroom is a tranquil space that’ll make falling and staying asleep easier.

The walls are some of the best places to focus on when transforming your bedroom into a serene abode. And people associate colors with specific symbolism, moods, and other mental connections. Therefore, the color of your wall is important to set a certain ambiance within your space. So what are the best colors to paint a bedroom?

Soft Pastels

Pastels offer a soft and gentle touch of color in a space. They come in a range of light colors, from periwinkle to dusty rose. Their muted pigments provide a calming, nurturing, and tender ambiance fit for lulling people to sleep. People often use them to create a cozy kid’s bedroom due to their symbolic association with mothers. Opting for colors like a calm baby blue and warm blush further adds comfort to a space and helps you settle into a deeper sleep.

Simple Neutrals

Like pastels, simple neutrals a muted and aren’t distractingly loud. They exude a more relaxing mood. Neutrals create basic foundations for a room, allowing you to style and design the space in various ways due to their subtle appearance. They match various interior-design styles and often produce a more sophisticated look, appealing to many adults. Popular neutrals for bedrooms include soft grays, warm whites, and muted beiges.

Deep Darks

For many people, the darker their bedroom, the better their sleep. Darkness often has an association with people’s ideas of bedtime. It reflects the night sky, shut eyes, and the oblivion of the dream realm. Painting your room with deep dark colors creates more mental connections to sleep, further enticing your body into drowsiness. Deep and dark pigments also generate a sense of wholeness, making a space feel full and comforting.

Multicolored Murals

Vibrant and varied displays of color overstimulate many people. But having several hues in a bedroom provides just the right amount of stimulation for others. Plain walls may feel hollow and empty, creating a discomforting atmosphere and allowing the brain to try to fill in the emptiness. Creating a multicolored mural and statement wall in your bedroom adds personality, producing a more comforting and welcoming ambiance. The more at ease you feel within your space, the easier it becomes to relax and sleep.

Deciding on the best colors to paint a bedroom really depends on your preferences, mentality, and mood toward certain colors. Generally, softer, muted pigments work best for soothing the mind. On top of selecting the perfect paint color for your bedroom, equipping your space with a lavish bed and personal touches will further create a soothing ambiance conducive to a good night’s rest.

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