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Staycations are always enjoyable. However, “staycationing” with kids is challenging when they want activities. Fortunately, we have some awesome staycation theme ideas you should try. They’re great for the whole family!

Camp Night

Pitch a tent and sleep under the stars with your kids. If you’re looking for a “local” staycation idea, a camp night is a fantastic choice. Even if you can’t visit a wilderness campground, nothing can stop you all from enjoying the great outdoors! Grab a jacket, make some s’mores, then look at the nighttime sky. This will make for a relaxing evening.

Game Night

Game night is a fan-favorite activity that you can turn into a staycation theme. Pull out your favorite board games, video games, or puzzles to create the ultimate gamer atmosphere. Since there are so many choices, your whole family will preoccupy themselves with fun activities. You can also add to the fun by providing small treats and toys for the winners of various games.

International Cuisine Day

Turn your kitchen into the hottest restaurant in town by planning an international cuisine day. Select dishes from different countries and master them in your kitchen. Let your kids partake in this staycation day by allowing them to select new dishes they want to try. This is a good way for them to try different foods, and you’ll come out of it with some delicious new recipes!

Tourist Afternoon

A tourist afternoon is another awesome staycation theme idea you should try. Act like a tourist in your town by visiting local museums, attractions, or restaurants. There are so many things you can try. Who knows—you may find something entirely new and great! This theme is an excellent choice for the whole family because you can all explore the community together.

Spa Day

Although your kiddos may not find spa day as fun, this theme is for moms. Unwind at home with an ultra-relaxing spa day. Pamper yourself with beauty treatments like face masks, body scrubs, and hand massages. You can transform your bathroom into a lush spa area to dive into this theme. If you’re feeling creative, you can give yourself a manicure and select a nail art technique you never tried before! Ultimately, the activities are all up to you.

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