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Shopping sustainably shouldn’t just be for people with massive amounts of disposable income; it should be accessible to everyone. Here’s how to shop ethically while on a budget so that you can shop with peace of mind without eating a hole through your wallet.

Shop at Donation Stores

Shopping ethically doesn’t have to be limited to a sustainable wardrobe. Furniture, kitchen accessories, cookware, and toys are available at any donation store. Knowing where to look is half the battle. Not all of these items may be sourced from the rawest materials and made with the best practices, but using what someone else no longer needs is much better for the Earth than buying something new. It’s all about not contributing to the cycle of factory emissions.

Shop at Garage Sales

There’s absolutely no shame in shopping at garage sales. You might be missing out on some fantastic deals. Some neighborhoods will have weekly or monthly garage sales where everyone puts out clothes, furniture, and other items they no longer need. If you need some cheap exercise gear, you’ll likely find some at a garage sale.

Estate sales are also great options, and they don’t always mean someone has passed away if that aspect makes you uncomfortable. Many times, estate sales happen when someone is selling a home and need to get rid of everything in it. You might miss out on the recliner of your dreams if you don’t check them out!

Shop at Off-Price Department Stores

Shopping at off-price departments stores are rising in popularity because of their amazing deals. As a result, you can find many luxury items that other stores might throw away. You can find anything from high-end beauty products to luxury bags and even baby products. And chances are, you have one right in your local strip mall.

You’ll do the world and other people a huge favor if you use these ways to shop ethically while on a budget. So don’t be afraid to scope out the best prices while contributing to the environment!

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