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Rainy days don’t need to be a washout in the fun department. In fact, they offer a golden opportunity to roll up your sleeves and tackle those craft projects you’ve been wanting to do with your kids! Crafting keeps little ones entertained and is a fantastic way to teach children about repurposing, creativity, and patience. Here are a few craft projects to do with your kids on a rainy day where everybody can have something fun to show off by the end of it.

Sustainable Crafts

Sustainability is an invaluable lesson to impart early in a child’s life, and what better way to do so than through crafts? Repurposing common household items into art saves you a trip to the store and instills the importance of the three R’s—reduce, reuse, and recycle. You can turn two empty soda bottles into a powerful whirlpool or convert your excess plastic grocery bags into usable blankets. If you have any lying around, we have a wide selection of crafts to make with leftover wine corks that can keep you and your kids having fun on a rainy afternoon!

Vinyl Projects

Some of the best craft projects to do with your kids on a rainy day are ones that are both fun and functional! Vinyl crafting combines the precision of design work with the satisfaction of creating something both decorative and useful! It’s an ideal rainy day activity as it’s indoor-friendly, and both adults and kids can get in on the fun. Vinyl is a versatile material that you can use as an adhesive and apply stickers to things. You can customize water bottles or make some back-to-school vinyl craft projects that offer a lot of fun. If you want to experiment more with vinyl, you and your kids may want to try out heat transfer vinyl to make custom T-shirts and other similar projects.

Box Forts

Give your furniture a break from becoming makeshift forts and construct one out of leftover cardboard boxes. Designing and building a fort with boxes is a great indoor activity for kids because it gives them a little world to use their imaginations or just cuddle up and turn the fort into a miniature movie theater. This project teaches kids about engineering, design, and the joy of creating their own spaces.

The key to enjoying these projects is to approach them with an open, patient mindset. Crafting with kids on a rainy day can be messy and unpredictable, but the results and the memories created are always worth it. What’s more, these activities serve as a magnificent way to bond with your little ones while also teaching them skills that will last a lifetime.

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