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Looking to relieve stress? Consider crafting! From improving self-esteem to promoting positive thoughts, creative expression can help you feel mentally nourished. Creativity can work as a tonic, as our brains thrive on the feel-good chemicals it releases. Hands-on activities — such as knitting, painting, sculpting, and other pastimes — can improve your mood as you create works of beauty, express yourself, and solve problems.

What does science say about these claims? Extensive research has been done on the advantages of turning to creativity to address stress and anxiety. Individuals who have experienced trauma often find artistic expression helps ward off anger, depression, and shame. Not only can creativity give us the opportunity to see the world in fresh and different ways, but it’s fun. Having constructive fun is a surefire way to positively impact your mental wellbeing. Plus, the rewards go beyond the creative process, as seeing the finished product can offer the further release of feel-good brain chemicals.

Additionally, our overall well-being can benefit from the social connection. Crafting with others and sharing your work is great for providing a sense of community. When considering picking up an artistic hobby, it’s advisable to do so with a public group, family, or friends to capitalize on the rewards.

Break free from the mundane and get started on the path to revitalizing your mind, body, and soul through creativity. For more exploration into the connections between crafting and health, please see the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Crafts By Number

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