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Do You Struggle To Find Ways To Freshen Your Breath?

If you feel you are walking around with halitosis, you are not alone. You may have tried so many tips and tricks to freshen your breath. You may have not only used mouthwash, but you may have also been scraping your tongue, and you keep getting a whiff of your breath anyway, and you are not happy.

Not to mention, it is embarrassing knowing that you are walking around with breath that does not smell very good! You may even wonder if your health is not in the best shape because poor health can also cause halitosis. However, your last check-up was not that long ago. You are in good health. So what gives? Why are you struggling with halitosis?

It may have to do with your diet! What do you eat in a day? Do you eat a lot of processed foods with lots of sugar, trans fats, and preservatives? If that is the case, then that is likely why! On the other hand, do you eat enough fruits and vegetables? If not, then that is why!

Fruits And Vegetables Can Help Freshen Your Breath

You want to stock up on fruits such as apples, oranges, peaches, nectarines, and vegetables such as carrots, celery, and turnip. Why? Because those foods can help you improve your breath. When you bite into those fibrous fruits and vegetables, you are scraping the plaque from your teeth.

Not to mention, these foods help to stimulate your gums, and they are also good at boosting your salivary glands. Therefore, that enables you to keep your mouth moist. A dry mouth is a bad thing when it comes to halitosis because when your mouth is dry, you allow harmful microbes such as bacteria and fungi to flourish. That will contribute to bad breath.

Think about why your breath is terrible after waking up each morning! That is because when you sleep, your salivary glands sleep too! Therefore, that keeps your mouth very dry for all of those hours. Thus, all kinds of bacteria are having a party in your mouth and leaving sulfur behind.

Therefore, take advantage during the day to freshen your breath with those fibrous fruits and vegetables so you can take care of the halitosis. If you still struggle with it even after making these changes to your diet, you need to visit your dentist as you may have an issue with your gums or teeth.


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