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Water birth is a growing option for many mothers as it has natural relaxing properties that soothe and ease the pain. While water birth is more relaxing than delivering on a cold hospital bed, it is still a scary and intimidating process. You will find yourself more relaxed for the main event when you prepare properly and anticipate your needs in advance. Keep reading for the essential items you will need for your water birth.

Pool Tarp

You are likely giving birth in your own home, so you must take precautions to protect your floors. During water birth, you will move around a lot, looking for different ways to ease your comfort levels. What’s more, you might go in and out of the pool during labor. All this can result in a lot of water splashing around, hitting your floors, and causing damage. It is a good idea to line your birthing pool with a tarp or towels to absorb and protect your home from water.

Healthcare Knowledge

Many mothers don’t know what to expect when they have their first water birth. As with any birth, surprises can arise that you weren’t expecting. That is why it is a great idea to work closely with a healthcare provider, like a midwife, who has a vast knowledge of childbirth and will prepare for everything.

Having a healthcare provider present for your birth may seem obvious, but many women choose to give birth unassisted. At the end of the day, it is your choice, but you want to ensure you have a backup plan in the event anything happening.

Essential to You

At this point, we all know the basics of what you need for your water birth. However, take the time to consider what is an essential item you need for your water birth that is unique to you. The most important thing during labor and delivery is your comfort level, so surround yourself with things that put you at ease.

These essentials can be photos of a loved one, a childhood stuffed animal, or any sentimental item. When you find yourself at a crucial moment during your delivery, you might look to these items and draw strength from them.

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