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It seems that our children always find ways to entertain themselves. That is why it’s surprising when they grow bored with games and toys that have always interested them. However, there is no reason to run for the tablet just yet. There are ways to make playtime more exciting for your child; keep reading to find out more.

Put On a Puppet Show

Many people just don’t do puppet shows anymore. However, hosting a puppet show with your children is a great way to bond with them and improve their social skills. One of the best parts about this activity is that you don’t have to do much to set it up; you can even use pool noodles to create your puppet show! Putting on a puppet show also provides your child a theatrical and creative outlet as they must make their puppet, plan a show, and present it to everyone. If you are lucky, you may just have a starring role.

Encourage Playing Pretend

There is a lot of focus on standardized testing and productivity these days. As such, children’s imaginations and creativity seem to have dwindled. To keep that imagination thriving, we must find ways to nurture it. It may seem simple, but making playtime a space wholly dedicated to their fantasies is a fantastic way to make playtime more exciting for your child.

Taking the time to encourage your child’s fantasies, emotions, and imaginations will help to keep their inner world alive. You allow your child’s creativity to flourish when you encourage them to play pretend. What’s more, you get a glimpse into the fantastical worlds they’ve created in their minds.

Involve Yourself

If you think back to when you were a child, you might remember how exciting it felt when mom or dad decided to play with you for a little bit. With a doll or action figure in your parent’s hand, playtime suddenly became so much more fun. That is why you should consider taking the time now and then to involve yourself in your children’s play. Performing in their puppet show, playing pretend, or playing dolls with your child can reinvigorate their playtime and make it a memory they will cherish.

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