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Getting your kids involved in your home remodeling process is a fun and exciting way to allow them to be creative and use their DIY skills. Extra pairs of hands are always welcome when taking on remolding projects, and recruiting your kids is a great way to bond with them and provide an energy outlet.

While home remodeling may seem intimidating, you can simplify specific tasks to make them more manageable for your kids. There are many ways your kids can help with home remodeling. Read on to learn more.

Have Them Select Materials and Finishes

If you have an involved project like decorating a bedroom for your kids, your child can help you put the pieces together by picking out the details. Have them choose what wood finishes they prefer for their bedframes or floors or whether they prefer textured art over traditional paintings. These details will allow them to show their personality and improve their confidence in decision-making.

Paint Small Pieces

Painting is a relatively easy and entertaining activity that your kids can do when remodeling your home. Have them paint a small vase in the color of your choice or an accent wall in your desired space. This will speed up the process while getting them involved in the relaxing craft of painting.

Create Hot Glue Projects

Another fun way your kids can help with home remodeling is through hot glue projects. If you are DIYing a piece for your home remodel, you can supervise your child while they safely put the pieces together or create designs with hot glue. This simple task requires little effort but is engaging and encourages creative DIY skills. For example, your child can make a cool textured vase by adding hot glue or painting over glue designs on a mason jar to create a unique décor piece.

Make Them Your Personal Mini Assistants

If your child isn’t old enough to take on projects on their own yet, you could simply make them your mini assistant. Have them hold your tools, tie up trash bags, or pass you objects and tools as you need them. They can even help you clean up afterward and assist you with putting back items when you’re done.

Having your children help you with remodeling can help deepen your bond, make memories, and encourage creative skills. Try these tips to involve your kids in your next big home project.

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