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Only positive things can come when your child learns how to play a musical instrument—it fosters valuable skills that will benefit your child for years to come. They will understand the significance of the dedication, discipline, and concentration it takes to learn and master an instrument. However, understanding anything is a complex effort anyone would struggle with—but the riches are plenty. Here are some ways to encourage your child to play an instrument.

1. Let Them Choose

If your child does not seem entirely enthused by the idea of learning an instrument, give them the freedom to choose. Take them to your local music shop and allow them to peruse all the instruments there. Consider providing them with the option to test out a couple of different instruments before officially deciding. The drive and excitement they will feel from choosing is such a simple way to encourage your child to play an instrument.

2. Play Music

You are likely too familiar with your youngsters’ all-time favorite songs, as they usually have these melodies on repeat. When the kids request their beloved song for the millionth time on their next car ride, consider using it as a point of persuasion. You can invite some excitement by the prompt, “Imagine if you could play this song yourself.” Your child might love the idea of being able to play their favorite music all on their own.

3. Start Simple

Starting simple is extremely important because you don’t want to overwhelm them. Thankfully, whether your child chooses piano or guitar, beginner music is usually the same—simple and recognizable. When your child can masterfully play a classic song like, for example, “Chopsticks,” they will feel more motivated to keep learning.

4. Encouragement

When your child catches the music bug, you should expect to hear them playing their instrument at all times. Moreover, they may want to play you all the new songs and chords they are learning. Make sure to provide them with positive encouragement at every step. When they feel supported by you, they will feel much freer and more motivated to keep learning.

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