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Well, we’re all stuck inside again thanks to the Coronavirus Lockdown and the lockdown restrictions. However, this time we don’t have nice weather for long walks and outdoor fun. It limits the ways we can keep our kids occupied, but there are activities that appeal to all ages and gender groups.

From a cool kids quiz to exciting new art, take a look through our indoor entertainment ideas to see how you could make lockdown livelier…

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Not all adventures need to take place outside. With a bit of imagination (and a wealth of nooks and crannies to hide things in), your home can be the scene of an impressive hunt for the lost treasure. All you need is some paper for a map, some clues to hide away and a big prize at the end. Why not go the whole hog and make your map look old-timey with some tea stains? Or you could create characters and get dressing up too? It’s a great way to play together and to encourage creativity and imagination in your kids.

Safe at-home science

While home-schooling isn’t needed in this lockdown, it doesn’t mean you can’t get scientific and experimental at home. There are loads of simple science activities you can try that are safe and educational for the curious young minds in your home. What’s more, they support critical thinking, communication skills, perseverance, and self-confidence to try and try again if something doesn’t work right the first time. You could even give them your very own reward stamp for a successful experiment. More often than not, your kitchen and home will have everything you need for your little scientist, so give it a go! 

Get crafty

Grabbing the pens, pencils, and paint for a day full of arts and crafts is an ageless activity. Youngers kids love the mess and the chance to express themselves, older kids love the chance to hone their skills, and adults are just the same. It’s glorious fun and an excellent activity for positive mental health as it’s an in-depth distraction from the world around you. Here are some fun and creative crafty ideas:

Make a den

Now we’re in the colder months, there are always blankets or excess pillows lying around, so why not make the most of this seasonal home décor and build a magical fun fort? What’s great about these is it’s all in the imagination. Is the fort a castle? A boat? A desert island? They can be whatever your kids want them to be, and as big as they can make – there’s no limit (except how many pillows and blankets you have that is). 

Get your bake on

This is the go-to activity for many homes. Fairy cakes? Butterfly buns? These are the kids baking staples because they’re super quick and super easy too. It teaches them valuable lessons about following rules, being patient, and listening to others too – it’s a great indoor activity. Here are our top five indoor baking ideas:

  1. Buns – make them plain or with fun characters on, whatever you choose they only take 10-20 minutes before they’re cooked.
  2. Cookies & biscuits – depending on which recipe you choose; these are just as quick. The most fun bit is the decorations with these. Try Gingerbread Men for the festive season.
  3. Rice Crispy treats – just 3 ingredients make this delicious snack: Butter, marshmallows, and rice crispies. It’s messy, tasty, and really good fun.
  4. Cornflake cakes – Another simple one, just melt chocolate with butter and golden syrup then mix in your cornflakes and portion it out.
  5. Jam Tarts – If you are making your pastry (brave!), it is a little more involved, but kids love cutting it out, filling it up with jam, and popping on a fun-shaped lid.

So why not get the mixer out and make some tasty dessert for the whole family?

Queue up some console games

It’s not good for them to be in front of the television all day, but an hour or two playing Nintendo Switch Games or playing with their friends online won’t hurt. Choose a game on the console which is age-appropriate and preferably educational, or try to get their friends involved in some Zoom games for kids. What is great is you can use this time to chill out or get some personal errands done.

Produce a show

With all the smartphones and tablets around these days, there is always a camera nearby. But if you don’t have one, you can present the show to your family instead. Why not ask the children to write a show for some of their toys? Or film those sock puppets characters you made earlier? You could even write a kid’s quiz show and play it for the rest of the family as they do on TV.

Make some music

You don’t need instruments and loads of gear to create beats and tunes at home. Your kitchen and home have loads of noise-making items just waiting to be discovered. Why not gather the family and see what sounds you can make together with some pots, pans, utensils, doors, and more?

There is an app for that

Just like with the games console, your kids shouldn’t spend a lot of time on apps and in front of screens, but a little bit of time here and there will help give you some time back and keep them occupied. You can download free educational apps and age-appropriate games for them to play while you do what you need to.

Good old-fashioned tabletop games

Yes, if all else fails, whip out a board game and see if you play as good as you remember. There are plenty of kid-friendly options that can improve their problem-solving skills and their communication skills, so why not settle in with a classic game and see what happens.

There are endless options for keeping your kids engaged and learning at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown, so no need to despair. Get creative, get adventurous, and get involved in these entertaining lockdown activities.


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