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Who seriously would have guessed on New Year’s Eve of 2019 that we would be facing a pandemic in 2020? No one! And here we are! In fact, we are six months into it and it is not ending until a vaccine is out and widely distributed which can take a good year by the time it is all said and done. Therefore, we are in for this in the long haul. And this pandemic is causing so much distress and is a concern when it comes to mental health matters.

How can families and kids get through this difficult time? Parents are unsure of what to do because they are affected by the mental health aspect of it themselves. Between virtual classrooms, while managing work, and dealing with the anxiety from their kids – it is a huge toll to be taken on these parents.

And there are plenty of parents who have been without work as well since they were either furloughed or they were simply laid off since businesses have shut. Or if parents were able to stay at their work, many would have suffered by taking on pay cuts if the company they work for is hurting a lot financially. That is a lot of worries right there.

Between financial stress and being simply overloaded, parents are struggling to cope. And they are not alone as everyone is in the same boat one way or another. Even if they were fortunate to not only keep their jobs but do not suffer from any pay cuts, they are still dealing with stressors from this pandemic. The fact of the matter is that parenting is hard, but when you are parenting in the middle of a pandemic, that makes it quite insurmountable. These parents are in a dire need of help.

Parents have faced unique challenges as traditional supports like childcare, school and contact with family and friends became less available and many other services moved online. To add to this, some have found themselves without work due to the pandemic or feeling uncertain about their financial future.

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