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No one would have ever expected this pandemic to happen and now, with the cases going up in Canada once again, parents are in a quandary about sending their kids back to school. Schools are open in Canada and we are also nearing a second wave as well at the same time. This has been predicted for a while and it is coming into play. What happens now? How do parents handle the difficult situation that is happening right now?

During the summer, in Canada, the COVID cases were low and as a result, it was easy to get complacent. But now, it cannot be done because it is worsening again. This is making parents who have to work anxious since they have to send their kids back to school. There is so much anxiety around that. What happens if the child catches the virus but it only presents itself as a mild cold? Most kids seem to not exhibit too many COVID symptoms unless they have underlying conditions.

However, this is a very stressful issue considering that parents could either become ill themselves or become asymptomatic carriers. And the worst thing that they could do is pass it over to their own parents who are already in the vulnerable age bracket. That is since COVID affects the elderly and those who have compromised immune systems. With that being said, parents who have weak immune systems are going to be the most anxious over this situation. That is because they are the ones who will suffer quite badly if they catch the virus.

Therefore, yeah, kids going back to school during the age of COVID is an anxiety-triggering issue for parents for a variety of reasons. Teachers as well are also quite anxious for obvious reasons as they are putting themselves at risk the most.

So far in our parenting in the pandemic series, we’ve talked a lot about how the pandemic is affecting kids. Counselor Jenni Ross has some advice for parents who are anxious about sending their kids back to class.

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