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We all know how important it is to keep our kids active and healthy, but with the rise in technology, it can be difficult to peel them away from their tablets. Thankfully, children have incredibly imaginative minds where they can make amazing worlds out of even the most simple surroundings. As such, you can use that imagination to entice them upward and outward. Here are fun ways to help your kids stay active and healthy.

Home Improvement

Do you have a home improvement project coming up that you need to work on? Usually, you might not include the kids and even advise them to stay away. However, consider including them in the project as they will likely find it interesting. Kids gain a certain excitement when they have a hand in a home improvement project, such as painting a wall, planting a garden, or reupholstering furniture. Kids love helping out, adding their artistic touch, and spending time with you—it’s the perfect trio.

Silly Sports

If your kids don’t enjoy sports and find them rather boring, but you want to show them that sports can be exciting, there are many things to do. You can try to incorporate something silly to get them excited, like using pool noodles to play sports to make it more fun. For example, you can joust, play golf, hockey, and baseball, all with pool noodles. Moreover, you can also work with their interests by enticing them to a round of Quidditch if they’re Harry Potter fans.

Scavenger Hunt

You had likely done a scavenger hunt before wherein you had to find a variety of clues spanning a large space of land. A scavenger hunt is one of those activities that you can get entirely absorbed in, running from place to place to find the missing pieces. That’s why you should consider making a scavenger hunt as a fun way to help your kids stay active and healthy. There are many different themes of scavenger hunts you can make—an easy one to start with is to go for a nature hunt. Make a list of different flowers and animals they can find and get going.

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