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School fundraisers are some of the most successful because they involve the children for a good cause, and they keep the interest of kids who are helping out. Teachers and parents are usually on board for these types of fundraisers, especially if the program is well organized and keeps everyone informed on the process.

Incentives that are kid-friendly help inspire the kids to make the fundraiser a success. So here is how to host a school fundraiser for charity that is sure to be a success.

Pick Your Teams

To begin, find kids who are motivated and give them incentives. Most of the time, when there is a prize or something exciting to work toward, people are more receptive, especially kids. A common way to divide up the school for a fundraiser is by classroom. Classrooms in each grade can then compete against one another during the fundraiser.

Set Clear Goals

You’ll want to make sure that everyone knows the rules. If you sell so much, then you get a certain prize. You could even use tiers of prizes based on sales so that there are grand prizes to be won by any individual. Then, divide it up again so that whole groups, like classrooms, can win prizes if they raise over a certain amount of money.

Gift cards are a great way to incentivize these programs. Physical prizes work well for the grand prizes, however, so be sure to choose something special. Include information about the prizes in your message when you’re setting the rules before the fundraiser begins.

Keep People Informed

Make sure that everyone is clear about how the fundraiser works. The best way to do this is to make fliers and put your contact information on them. That way, teachers and parents can contact you to discuss how things work so that there’s no confusion. This will help keep tension and pressure at bay during these competitive programs.

Involve the Kids

You’ll need to have something to sell or market that is interesting to kids that they can relate to during the fundraiser. Chocolate or cookies are always a great point of sale with kids because it’s not something they can have all the time but something they look forward to.

When you incorporate kids into promoting these things, it’s pretty much an instant sell every time. So this might be something that you use to raise money.

Make It Charitable

It will be important that during the fundraiser, the kids understand why they are doing what they are doing and what the cause is. If people aren’t sold on the product alone, then the cause will often win them over. Consider using your fundraiser to support charities that donate to children in need. You could also support a local hospital or another type of charity. Regardless of what you choose, supporting a good cause will get a positive response from customers in nearly every encounter.

If you’re curious about getting involved and want to know how to host a school fundraiser for charity, you now have some good ideas from this article. Use this information to ensure that your fundraiser is a success.

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