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Parenthood isn’t about perfection, and you’ll have to experiment with different layouts and methods to craft a functional and charming nursery. No matter what works best, organizing the space will make it easier for you to focus on caring for your baby. With that in mind, try these nursery organization tips for new parents.

Minimize Clutter

The easiest way to stay organized is to minimize clutter; this advice is easier said than done because when it comes to preparing for a baby, you need a multitude of items. However, simply remaining thoughtful about what you allow into your home will help tremendously in keeping clutter at bay.

When possible, choose baby items that serve more than one function, and make sure you have a place in your home for each item. If you accumulate too much, don’t hesitate to donate, sell, or throw out what you no longer need.

Put Clothes Away by Size

The next nursery organization tip for new parents is to sort baby clothes by size. Using the clothing size labels as your guide, organize baby’s clothes by putting similarly sized items together and keeping them in order based on the month number listed.

One of the easiest ways to store your baby’s clothes is to place items in a dresser with drawer organizers. Baby clothes are small and numerous, so stacking clothes in organized groups can make it easier for you to grab outfits and keep an eye on the amount of clean clothes available.

Place out-of-season or too-large clothes in storage bins or bags. Label the containers with the clothing age ranges so you can easily find the right items in the future.

Choose a Toy Storage System

While you want to prevent toys from taking over your home, it’s unlikely that your little one’s toy collection will shrink after their baby phase. You can prepare for coming home with a newborn by choosing a toy storage system that will grow with your baby.

Some parents love to use cubbies with baskets. With this system, you can place toys in baskets, keeping similar items together. Slide a toy basket into each cubby to create a put-together look.

Other parents prefer toy organizers. This method keeps toys more accessible and visible, encouraging your child to play with them more.

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